Creativity for a moving world

We are an independent, global creative company. We partner with established and emerging businesses to design and transform their brands and experiences to thrive in the moving world.

Our distinct approach

We believe businesses that are people-focused and
have a well-defined story are poised for success.

That’s why we bring together branding and ownable
experience design for our clients.


Our areas of expertise


We work with you as partners to develop strategies that
capture new opportunities for your brands, products & services, communications and culture. We engage with your organisation to plan and deliver comprehensive transformation programmes.

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We work with you to define your Brand Being®; your brand’s story, positioning and identity. We define strategies
to organise your products & services portfolio and we
design living identities fit for the moving world.

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Experience Design

The brand-relevant experiences we design connect people
to brands through interactive environments and digital products & services.

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Collaborating with you, we write the stories and messages
at the heart of your brand, product or service. We use these
to engage the people you need to reach – through events,
online and in film.

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Concepting and Prototyping

We create new business opportunities for our clients
by helping them explore, evaluate and design new
products, services and tools.

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Creative excellence since 1998


We’re owned by our founders,
who continue to work in the company. Because we’re answerable only
to our clients and ourselves, we’re free to focus on high quality and we’re not compelled to sell you something you don’t need.



We’ve been inventing for over 15 years. We started a live internet broadcasting service, found new uses for 3D printing and regularly develop software-based brand identity systems. This experimental spirit informs how and what we create, ensuring we reach the most relevant and future-proof outcomes.



Because we’re endlessly curious
and questioning people, we generate, drive and share a rich range of points of view about branding and experience design.



From our studios in London, Zurich, San Francisco and New York, we undertake work with clients all over the world. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of people from every continent.



We are trusted by some of the world’s most valuable businesses. Our relationships with our clients are personal and long-term. We have
no ‘middlemen’ and we custom-build the right team of talent to meet the specific needs of each client



Cannes Lion Gold
Brand New
European Design Award
Design Effectiveness
New York Film Festival
Red Dot