1+7+1=9h (nine hours)

Just visited an exhibition “9h” at AXIS gallery in Tokyo. It’s about this unique capsule hotel concept and all the idea and design around it. The idea was that you need 9n hours to reset from late night work or business trip in a city – 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep and 1 hour to get ready.

The capsule hotels has been around since late 70s in Japan but it was always just pure functional space and associated with a image of tired businessmen who missed the last train staying to get some sleep instead of paying expensive taxi home. For this new concept, they used the form of the capsule hotel but made each space better for its purpose – not only for design but also for the functionality.

Another interesting part is that before its opening, they had an exhibition to show the design and concept at a design gallery. They had an actual custom-designed capsule for you to get in – it’s actually nice size.??This very unique hotel will be open in Kyoto, Japan this December. The name of the hotel is, of course, “9h” – nine hours.



  • Hasina

    I was thinking where have I come across this idea before and today I remembered
    It was this programme called ‘Tommorow’s world’ which I use to watch as kid and they featured this capsule hotel.