2011 Round Up Part Three


2011, it was all eyebrows, Twitter and Lady Mary cloche hats wasn’t it?

Not that I complain, those are three rather lovely things all taken into account.

So in this past year I suppose I have been rather busy; studenting, graduating, mooching about a bit, portfolioing, interviewing and, happily, finding myself here at MB. I’m not sure if I could have done any of it, were it not for the combined efforts of a) A benevolent and all knowing source of wisdom, otherwise know as D&AD b) Some pretty pictures, www.butdoesitfloat.com ever an inspiration and c) A good scribbler.

Though the new commute is a bit of a stinker, (National rail to my knowledge, have yet to take up my New Year’s challenge) the generous chunk of time to get reacquainted with some old and new literary friends has become a bit of a guilty pleasure. This year I can put The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Brave New World firmly back on my favourites list. Tipity top and still imparting her strident feminist wisdom is Caitlin Moran with her thrupence on ‘How to be a woman’. I laughed, I cried, I got very angry at the patriarchy and accidentally shouted at that bloke on the 7.41 train who tried to nick my seat.

It was the year I finally ‘got’ Twitter. I know, I’m ashamed too. I tried before – I really did – but until I began following the likes of @caitlinmoran, @gracedent and closer to home @CamillaStore and @milywilliamson, I was the lone smoker outside the party; it looked nice and cosy inside but I wasn’t really there. Now due to the woefully inadequate abilities of the Blackberry app (New Year;s resolution #2: Go iPhone) I can’t be as Twitter happy as I’d like. But I enjoy the party and mostly, have lost a lot of social media guilt*.

2011 was also the year of my, and the rest of the 2011 graduate classes’ D&AD New Blood. For those who haven’t been through this creative baptism, it is all at once exhilarating, terrifying, funny as all hell, stressful as more hell and completely and utterly invaluable. A melting pot for student and professional creatives alike, there was some astounding work around like this, this, this,this, ooh and this.

Other lovely things that brightened my world have been Downton Abbey (yes I cried, it was beautiful and delightful and made my Christmas OKAY) Dr Who, Torchwood, Bernard Cumberbatch as a brilliant, slightly sociopathic Sherlock Holmes (which happened before this blog post so it still counts) and oh, so many other fun bits and pieces. Let’s keep them coming for 2012, I’m already a little giddy just thinking about it.

*Social media guilt, ever increasing with each new platform. When I know I ‘should’ know, use, and be prolific on said platform/bit of tech, but signed up and never got round to using it. See also ‘still haven’t put up my blog guilt’.


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