2013 round up – A provocation. (Five minutes to write, 40 years of pondering)


An unusual defence of the word in a world of the visual, courtesy of MB’s senior copywriter, Philip Browning


A provocation. (Five minutes to write, 40 years of pondering).

My dog understands ‘toy’ as a word. Deliriously, it smells of chewed-up rubber. Words cross species.

Why not say that pile of toast is a ‘frail pagoda’? Words can taste of cinnamon.

Call this morning’s sky ‘gunmetal’ and you can feel its heavy sheen. Words make clouds tangible.

I tried all year to play the ‘Get Lucky’ riff. I grasped it only when I could hear the lyrics running round my head. Words drive rhythm.

(For a moment, let’s be functional. In just two letters, the look of the word iO tells the story of a brand precisely. Words are concise as crystals).

Admit it. In every sense, a word is worth a thousand pictures.



  • Joe Curtis

    Inspiring and thought provoking.

  • Felix

    Word from the Guru! F

  • Rosanna

    Poetic and beautiful! Makes me see the magic of words, thanks for sharing Philip!

  • Emma

    Beautiful Philip – especially the sky as ‘gunmetal’, absolutely fantastic. I will think about that next time I go outside. Thanks for sharing