5 Things learned and observed at Creators Project 2012, San Francisco:

This past weekend I went to the Creators Project in Fort Mason, San Francisco. Here are some quick observations from the talks and installations.

– Meredith Valiando, co-founder of the DigiTour, stressed that when it comes to building online audiences, the three most important factors are content, continuity, and consistency. Whether it’s Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook, post at a consistent time — mornings are better, and never on a weekend.

– Tamara Conniff, entrepreneur and founder of thecomet.com offered that, “there is no longer a line between traditional media and new media. There is only media.” Words that were quite telling at an event without a piece of print work in sight.

– Processing pioneer Aaron Koblin was most excited about the creative potential of Web GL, Web Audio API, Hardware Accelerated Graphics, and the latest version of C++. He envisions a future where you no longer walk down to the game store and buy a new DVD for your gaming console, instead you will simply type in a URL.

– People expect interaction. If there is a screen, people will jump around in front of it and touch it to test its interactivity before they step back to take a look at what it’s displaying.

– Many people view an entire event like Creators Project through the lens of their cameras or iPhones. Digital artists need to be comfortable having their work filmed and photographed from literally every angle and any lighting condition.

By Willis Kingery