The beauty of boredom

We must admit, the peace and quietness from Christmas has left a void to be filled. The restless warrior inside is screaming for entertainment and company. We have always been very bad on being bored, but Sofia Coppola’s new movie Somewhere reminded us the importance of it. Sharing boredom with another person is one of the most beautiful things you can do. The film also reminded us that being bored doesn’t necessary have to come from lack of entertainment, it can come from being overwhelmed by it.

With Internet and On-Demand television, we begin to rely on entertainment every waking hour. This means that in those deafeningly silent ones, it can be easy to not know what to do. The School of Life has recently offered a course in ‘How to Spend Time Alone’ where participants can learn that happiness does not always mean constant distraction. Do we really need to learn how to be with ourselves again?

Boredom and apathy have been the source to some of the greatest pieces of work – from Wes Andersons imaginative and quirky characters to F Scott Fitzergard’s portrayal of the rich. Boredom and most of all restlessness trigger your imagination and pushes you to be creative. We should not fear and loathe it, we should be thankful. Boredom shows us that our brains are still ticking over, that our creative urges are not dead and imagination has not fled leaving only complacency behind.

For all who believe ‘only the boring are bored’, we disagree; the boring just stay so for longer.

//This blog post is a collaborative creation between Ellen and Rosanna


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