A fireside chat with women in design


From the left: Aki Shelton, Courtney Trump, Susan Park and Nanu Wolstenholme

In partnership with Ladies, Wine and Design, an event created by Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh, Moving Brands hosted a fireside chat with four brilliant creative women in our San Francisco studio. Topics ranged from negotiating pay, work/life balance to finding and providing mentorship.

We were joined by Aki Shelton, our moderator for the night. Aki is former Executive Creative Director at Moving Brands and former Creative Director at Apple. On the panel was Courtney Trump, Founder and Creative Director at Fells / AndesSusan Park, Creative Director at Sephora and Nanu Wolstenholme, Instagram influencer and photographer.

They spoke of their various career journeys followed by a q&a session from the audience. We’ve distilled down some of the most honest and informative career and personal advice we heard. We hope you enjoy!

  • There’s a lot of pressure for young people to know what they like to do. It’s okay to not know everything. 
  • There’s so much that you can learn from someone just by asking. People love talking about themselves and what they do. They also love giving advice but often, people are just to afraid to ask.
  • When you leave any job, you will use the skills you’ve learned to adapt to your new role. People are nervous about new technology but when it comes to tech, you can always learn it.
  • You’re never alone. There’s always someone that will be going through what you’re going through or have gone through it.
  • When it comes to identifying whether you should leave or stay at your job, figure out what the end goal is. Don’t get stuck in a job – your career isn’t about doing someone else a favor.
  • Always ask questions and say what you think. You don’t have to be like everyone else in the room.
  • If you can’t get to where you want to go in your career, ask for the steps that you can take to get there and determine the timeline that feels good to you.
  • Running your own company allows you to make decisions that are meaningful to you. It allows you to determine what benefits both you and your customers.
  • Know your worth. Have all the information you can gather to back up your points and don’t fold. When you know what you want and you say it, people will listen.
  • When it comes to conflict, find an opening when you can be assertive and deliver it in a calm manner.