all51Recently I’ve been interested in allotments, the idea of escaping the urban environment which leads to the lack of space in the first place seems to be key to their proliferation and recent popularity.

Hidden away between railways and roads, on patches of derelict and unused land these spaces seem an oasis of productivity and surprising calm.

Between Stepney and Greenwich there are around 7 allotments and community gardens. My fellow allotment enthusiast, Lizzy Burt, and I, have been visiting a few of them: talking to the owners and taking photos with a view to making a book. The use of space, the productivity of growing, and the creativity of structure all help to make these places fascinating.

In a similar way to the allotment holders, we escaped our London homes for a day and spent a few hours outside near some plants and soil- something I highly recommend. I think it’s this escapism above all which makes keeping and cultivating an allotment so attractive.

you can visit our project blog here: Project Allotment