And so to market


The Old Spice social media campaign rocked the advertising world and, as a concept, was a hit with audiences world-wide. But the question people keep asking is, “How has it affected sales? Are more people cracking out the Old Spice?”. According to Nielsen, sales have climbed steadily since July, peaking with the interactive Twitter/YouTube element at 107% increase. But the effort does not end there for Old Spice. Having established a memorable and recognisable tone of voice, via Mustafa, the Old Spice print advertising that can currently be seen about the place is totally on-brand and hilarious. What the Old Spice social media campaign achieved was not just millions of YouTube hits. Furthermore, and much more importantly, they successfully re-positioned their brand without changing a thing. That’s very little money very well spent.


  • The value of social media has been understood beyond that of the bandwagon effect. Actually made me want to buy Old Spice = great work!

  • Ben Rubin

    Sure social helped amplify and extend the campaign but it was driven first and foremost an incredibly well conceived and executed TV spot.