App Brands

Moving Brands is now working on another identity for an App brand – a great challenge for everyone involved, from strategists to designers. Most brands see an App as the extension of their product or service, so to come an at identity where the brand is the App feels quite fresh. Like any brand identity project, our approach is the same – looking at the world the brand will live in, who its competitors are, defining its behaviors and characters, and so on – but the output of those considerations are far broader. App brands distinguish themselves from web-based brands because the interaction, which is almost always touchscreen based, has so much more depth.


Brand manifests itself in how the logo comes to life onscreen, but for Apps it also affects user experience and interface, gestural interface and iconography. The opportunities to create ownable, branded assets across both the visual and the haptic elements of a brand are limited only by the technology at our fingertips. We have two case studies of App brands we have worked on going live in the next few days, along with the launch of one of the Apps. So watch this space.