Best of brand 2013


Image taken from Outsider’s Wes Anderson Collection site, as below.

Selecting your favourite brand projects from 2013 is – in the words of MB Exec Creative Director Darren – a bit like being forced to name your favourite family members. But we were set that challenge for an upcoming Brand Annual publication, so thought we’d share our shortlist. Given the mash-up of talented humans in the studios, our favourite brand work spans ux and digital design, tone of voice and external communications, print and product design, and customer experience. But no traditional brand identities. Go figure.

And so, in Hollywood award season style, the nominees for MB’s favourite brand projects of 2013 are:

Wes Anderson Collection
A lovely website created for the launch of the Wes Anderson Collection book. Translating Anderson’s signature cinematic style into a digital touchpoint is no mean feat, but the site is as charming as his films.

Offering genuinely useful services, combining physical product design and brilliant software. It’s never been easier, or cooler, to keep those new years resolutions.

Citymapper’s communication style is the perfect balance of fun and usable. Whilst most brands strive to sound human, they often end up with a slightly artificial-intelligence tone. Citymapper excels at this informal style, whilst remaining clear and concise. Their comms mirror their friendly UI design, and works brilliantly for the brand, from their in-app language to their browser tool to their technical app update specs.

NYC’s digital agency Breakfast designed this great environmental/experience design piece that challenges the preconceived notions of signage systems and uses social media for something on a larger community scale.

John Lewis
You could be forgiven for thinking of John Lewis as famous for middle-class mediocrity and big-budget Christmas ads, so it’s great to see their own product range and recent home catalogue executions being so bold, brave and genuinely well-considered.

Warby Parker
An interesting new brand that completely rethinks customer experience (within a traditional industry not famed for innovation). They understand the importance of both storytelling, and designing for your customers. They offer a consistently strong brand experience across all platforms, understand how to get the best from social channels, and know how to pull this all together to build a strong offer, and in turn, brand. Bonus points for a product that looks good on pretty much everyone.

New York Festivals Trophy
A simple but beautiful idea from Sagmeister & Walsh – the addition of the mini projector with winner details is inspired. It’s fun but well considered.

Property Alliance Group
David Brent’s face – massive. What’s not to like? A brave bold move by the studio (Manchester-based Music) and the client.

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor music video
Digital pioneers Arcade Fire show us how exciting interactive film can be. Lets hope 2014 is the year global brands are brave enough to follow suit.

What did we miss? What did we get wrong or right?