Blogging for the long term

An alert from Design Week today quoted Christian Barnett, planning director of Coley Porter Bell, as saying “Consultancies should invest time in launching blogs, rather than creating a quick-fix effort”. Looking yesterday at the blog and Twitter page of one agency certainly backed up this assertion – the last blog post had been in May, while Tweets were limited to internal baby announcements and dry project notifications. These “quick-fix” efforts quickly stagnate if noone is responsible for their upkeep and tone of voice. As a regular contributor to this, the Moving Brands blog, I am aware of the balancing act between company news items and relevent, inspiring pieces of writing. Benchmark corporate blogs present a human face to a business and truly engage their visitors, giving them a reason to come back, while sneaking in the odd bit of self-promotion. Additionally, Twitter, initially feared to be a passing fad, is increasingly leveredged by talented marketers who genuinely have something more to say than what kind of biscuit they just ate. Tweets of note include, Zappos (@zappos) and his cat (@el_gato) and the ever enthusiastic Sheema(@sheesidd). And don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter (@movingbrands) as well, where we don’t talk about biscuits, but once mentioned brownies!