Brand for London gets academic

Thomas Wrigley, a student at St. Catherine’s college, Oxford, came by the Moving Brands studio in London last week to have a chat about our pitch to create A Brand for London. He’s about to get cracking on his dissertation, “The regionalisation of Brand England: How branding agencies construct regional identities in England”. We asked him to write a post about his dissertation and why he wanted to interview us. Over to Tom…

When it comes to writing a geography dissertation, the practice of branding may be the last thing you would expect to research. And yet branding crops up in geographical literature in a number of ways, and so my idea was to take this existing work and extend it into examining the practice of place branding at a regional-level within England.

That’s why my interview with Moving Brands was so important, as it opened up new pathways to explore which I hadn’t previously considered. Their method of holding an open public forum for the rebranding of London was pioneering and controversial to say the least, and really exceeds previous efforts to include the public in the creation of a brand meant for the public domain. Clearly it is a great way to ensure public approval of a brand, and would most certainly ensure that the public were more likely to ‘live the brand’- a key factor for a place brand to work effectively. If this is the future technique of place branding, it makes for some very interesting research!