Brand New Realities

Le monde des montagnes from Cuarto derecha on Vimeo.

Commuters struggling through the snow in London this morning might have noticed a little piece in The Metro on one of our favourite topics, Augmented Reality. The piece, entitled ‘A Brand New Reality’ and by Sanky of D&AD, looks at the potential AR applications hold for brands and some benchmark examples of the technology in action (See Camille Scherrer’s left). Sanky is quoted as saying that AR at its best results from a magic mix – ‘a great concept, annoyingly deft execution and a real-world benefit’. We aren’t prone to showing off, but as it’s Christmas, we are forced to admit that our AR app (viewable here) seems to tick all those boxes. The concept allows for a book to live beyond its printed form. The execution, made in conjunction with the wonderful Renderheads, makes for a jaw-dropping user experience. And we’re seeing a real-world benefit day to day as we use it to talk about our approach. AR is still very much in its infancy and we are in agreement with Sanky when he asserts ‘There’s a way to go until AR is being used most effectively’, but we’re looking forward to the journey.