Celebrating the first five years

In 2008 Swisscom launched their new brand into the Swiss market. As their proud creative partner, we shared a film that showcased our process, skipping through the 300 page brand guideline document, before showing the brand leap into the world. Capturing and sharing our process is ingrained in what we do at MB – spurred on by the message of our co-founders James, Ben and Guy that, “if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.” For a film created as much for our own learnings as for others, we’re a little shocked that it has quietly amassed 96,920 views and 738 likes over our Vimeo and YouTube channels.

In the interim five years, we have continued our partnership with Swisscom to develop their brand and create living, people-focused experiences.

Pouring five years of innovation, diversification and creation into a film is not easy, but we think our moving team has done a brilliant job, and we’re excited to release the latest instalment of the Swisscom story.