Check-in goes prime time


In just a few months, check-in applications have gone from being the next big thing to right here right now. And it’s not just location-based check-in services, such as Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook Places, going mainstream. Over the weekend, Mashable announced Get Glue’s $6 million investment from Time Warner Investments, RRE Ventures and Union Square Ventures. Get Glue, as I wrote about here back in August, is an entertainment check-in service, allowing people to check-in to films, TV, music, and books. They are now working with set top providers to further facilitate the check-in process.

But this emerging “over share” culture is only one side of the coin. As we socialise our every move, we also self-demographicise – providing an incredible amount of insight to agile, responsive brands. As the Mashable piece adroitly points out, “For partners [including HBO and Universal Studios], this [set top] integrated effort promises an extra layer of user validation, especially around live programming, and entertainment companies are keen on accessing this information”.

Still in its infancy, check-in has incredible potential for growth, especially as users become more accustomed to sharing and updating in this way. Furthermore, if people can be encouraged to attach feelings and emotions to their check-ins, they will be providing savvy brands with a truly deep data set and an opportunity to reach out to them in personally meaningful, engaging ways.


  • Camilla Grey

    Location Lucrative: Check-in Services Boast Coveted Demographics