Checking in with Sherlock


Last night tech site Mashable posted this article – making me say “Oh my Lady Gaga” into my iPad. The article, entitled “Why Entertainment Will Drive the Next Checkin Craze” looks at three start-up services which allow users to ‘check in’ to TV shows, music, books and games. The Mashable article says that entertainment checkin services such as GetGlue, Miso and Philo are “silly and far too extreme in ideology to attract anything more than a testbed tech audience”. For a Mashable writer to call a tech start-up “silly” is uncharacteristic. Anyone following the Sherlock hashtag between 9 and 10pm last night on Twitter will know that conversations about the BBC hit show were in the hundreds before the end of the opening credits. Clearly, sharing your entertainment choices with others is becoming an integral and vital part of the viewing experience – a behaviour media brands are practically salivating over.

I thoroughly recommend you take the time to read the article, if only to imagine the potential for check in services which combine with semantic technology. Connecting in real time to others who share your interests, while also receiving hyper-personalised recommendations is the future for media and entertainment brands. Add in super-targeted advertising opportunities and suddenly these “silly” services look like major game changers for brands from every industry.