Creating a visual identity for the vision impaired

Moving Brands has partnered with Wayfindr to create an accessible brand identity for the vision impaired community.

Wayfindr is a funded nonprofit that has created the world’s first Open Standard for wayfinding. These Standards take the form of guidelines and an app, to support organisations in implementing audio wayfinding solutions, which in turn support the vision impaired to independently navigate their cities. Unbelievably, no other global standard currently exists.

Moving Brands supported the Wayfindr team by creating a visual identity appropriate to all its audiences; the vision impaired, partner businesses and organisations, potential sponsors and donors, and the public at large. Our ambition was to create something that would encourage a community to form and grow around Wayfindr.  Our hope is that Wayfindr will become so well recognised, and the standards so universally applied, the brand will cease to exist in time.

Given the visual limitations of its core audience, the brand needed to be led by sonic and physical principles; creating distinction in these areas was the priority, so that these elements could drive the visual aspect of the brand.

We’ll continue to share more information about how worked with Wayfindr, with another film and events in the works. For now, please check out the Wayfindr site and consider how you might help the organisation that’s making sense of the vision impaired’s undesigned world.