Cyber babies

Last week we went to Raybot’s ‘Off with their heads!’, a video based comedy night using the medium of online media. This partly meant watching YouTube videos in a cinema-like experience e.g. screened big in-front of a large crowd.

One of the organizers questioned if this, to watch online content in a public event, will become more common in the future. That it can be a way for us to receive curated content from our vast online (forever growing) library and help us focus our attention to one source. Because when we watch it by ourselves, as he pointed out, we tend to flicker between related YouTube videos, comments, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify… all those channels which are constantly fighting for our attention.

Orange commercial ‘Film Break’ is playing on this tendency, and even though it makes the cinema goers laugh out loud, you can also hear them end with little chokes if you just listen ever so carefully. Because deep down, most of us are aware of child-like qualities which are growing inside of us with every new tweet, app, click and post. Qualities which has reduced our attention span to spoiled babies which have too many toys to play with.

This is as much a reaction to an overwhelming amount of digital content as it is to a digital trend which aims to integrate all our favorite channels in one seamless experience where everything is just one click away. And if that click results in a loading wheel, we have another million links to choose from.