Darren at Typo


Last week one of MB’s Creative Directors, Darren Bowles, spoke at CPH:TYPO*10 in Copenhagen on the subject of Living Identities. Darren spoke after Vincent Connare who designed Comic Sans, which is widely referred to as the most ridiculous typeface ever created. Vincent, however, came to his own and the typefaces defense, explaining that the type was designed to be child-friendly and to be used as part of a child’s first introduction to computing. Vincent could not understand why anyone would want to use Comic Sans in any other way and sparked a discussion on the importance of relevance in design. Elsewhere in the conference, Darren was really impressed by the broad spectrum of topics covered on where typography meets the wider world. Matthias Hillner‘s talk on virtual typography and how typefaces can be emotive in multi-media environments, resonated strongly with our own approach to creating moving brands. Darren’s own talk created a bit of a buzz when he showed our Living Identity paper in action, and he came home adamant that, were it to come to it, he would definitely defend Vincent Connare’s Comic Sans though he’d choose a different typeface to write the marching banner.