Designers are not(?) wankers


Illustration by Mr Bingo


Lately we have seen a rise in design blogs where images of naked ladies are being posted next to accomplished design work. This is not only a disdain to the published work of the designers and our female practitioners but also to our profession in large.

The design industry is already tainted with a bad reputation of being full of characters from ‘Being a dickhead’s cool’. The last thing we need is a validation to Lee McCormack book title ‘Designers are wankers’.

A girl with her breasts out or legs parted does not automatically become culture just because she is wearing designer knickers.

If we want to gain some gravitas to our work and existence, we need to oversee how we showcase and share our work and inspiration, and start acting against established clichés.


  • Rex

    point well made

  • I agree but I think it’s a reflection of the deeper problem with most of those design blogs. The objectification of women sitting side by side with the objectification of design. Fetishising helvetica bold and big breasts in equal measure. I think it shows just how sophomoric and superficial a large part of the design community can be. Actually trying to get them to understand there’s more to design than foil-blocking helvetica is probably a harder job than convincing them there’s more to women than airbrushed boobs.

  • cla

    Indeed, touche. This is something that has been irking me about sites like for a long time.
    thank you for expressing these opinions!

  • Ben Wolstenholme

    I think demonstrating process, rigour, system thinking, a creative leap has to happen. Creative work is not understood, and therefore not valued or respected enough. well said Rosanna

  • I concur! it’s too easy.