Designers Breakfast


I’ve never been to a ‘Designers Breakfast‘ event before, but when I heard the topic of discussion this week was going to be “Free Pitching”, in the wake of the GLA’s London logo tender, I couldn’t resist. Especially as Moving Brands had been at the epicentre of the discussion during our publicly open pitch ‘A Brand for London‘. It was a great discussion and I recommend the monthly events to anyone interested in the issues within our industry.

As for my views on free pitching? It’s up to the agency and individual to make a creative and business decision as to the way they want to pitch. If you want to pitch, pitch. If you don’t want to pitch, don’t… Either way feel happy about your decision and don’t berate others for doing it another way. Diversity of process, skills, billing and pitching is what makes the UK’s design industry the success it is.


  • Claire

    I would gladly pay around £20 to have breakfast with James Bull.