Some things should stay in the ’90s

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Ever stuck for a recipe? Feel like you need some food inspiration? Rewind a couple of decades, and the best way to combat this dinner-time rut was to take part in a recipe-sharing chain letter, where you were guaranteed to receive loads of lovely new recipes from all sorts of different people.

But now that we have the internet, the epicurious app, and Jamie’s 30 minute meals, is the recipe-chain still relevant?

Tonight the London Standard remarks on the resurgence of the chain letter (now the chain email). MB’s Camilla was asked to comment on why she thought this annoying 90’s throw back was resurfacing. “”The people you’re getting emails from were circulating the letters the first time round. We’re at that perfect tipping point.”

That’s not to say Camilla endorses them – apparently they failed to quote her saying that she is “frankly appalled” at anyone who attempts to involve her in such lo-fi communications.