Doing it for the kids


I had the pleasure of hanging out with my neighbours’ 7 year old son last weekend and, running out of things to entertain him with, gave him a demo of our augmented reality book cover. Unlike his parents who were impressed (but calmly so), 7 year old Ethan went absolutely mad for the technology. Within seconds of seeing how it worked, he had demanded pen and paper to create his own marker “to take home” and was imagining what the badge he was wearing could unlock in the digital world. His response not only demonstrated his correctly child-like joy at a new technology, but also his innate understanding of how AR works and the possibilities it represents. Tomorrow, Ethan wants to take our book in to class for show and tell. But in ten years time, Ethan will be 17 and living in a world where AR, and practical, innovative uses of it, will be commonplace. MatDolphin pointed us in the direction of this cool AR app for Iron Man 2 – something I can imagine Ethan absolutely loving!