Experts in brand “me”


As part of some research on “yoof” trends this week, I re-encountered Kesh. Kesh is a fashion designer/magazine editor/stylist/DJ/presenter/art director/photographer. Not bad for a 23 year old. The only job title missing from the extensive list, however, is accomplished an self-promoter. Kesh is the mistress of cultivating fans and supporters – employing a range of social media platforms to reach people. Harnessing free applications online has allowed Kesh to enter and compete in markets that were previously impenetrable. She has a MySpace page, which links to her retail store. She’s recently moved from a Blogspot blog to the more popular Tumblr. She tweets and maintains a Facebook page. Whereever her target audience is, she is too. And it has worked. Starting out as a backing dancer for M.I.A, in 2007 she launched a line in collaboration with Topman, has been featured in a fairly unwatchable documentary by BBC Switch and now she’s in L.A conquering Stateside. No matter what you feel the sum of the parts add up to, it is impossible to deny that Kesh represents the dangerously savvy generation who are unashamedly adapt at promoting themselves. These are the brand managers of the future – cultivating a range of platforms to convey a unified message and develop a following. Watch and learn.