Failing in the app world

branded apps pic

Yesterday the Guardian posted an article on its tech blog, summing up a report by Deloitte which looks at downloads of branded mobile Apps. Or lack of them. Evidently on the whole, minus the odd exception, brands are failing in the App world with a capital “F”.

When it comes to digital touch points for brands, this isn’t really a revelation on Apps, but a familiar story. From social media, to augmented reality and now to Apps, many brands consistently fail to effectively utilise these tools. Media partner at Deloitte Howard Davies states:

“Brands view apps as a golden opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, and in a more meaningful, long term manner. When brands get it right, the returns can be huge.”

Except that the opportunity shouldn’t just to be to create an app. Despite what Apple says there just isn’t one solve-all App for “meaningful long-term relationships” with consumers.

The Guardian article cites lack of promotion as the reason for branded Apps to fail, along with suggesting that brands need to consider the purpose and need for their App. But it goes deeper than that – Apps should be considered as one element of a range of brand touch points. They need to have relevance and purpose with regards to the brand intent and the audience it’s trying to reach. An app for the sake of having an app does not necessarily prove a brand to be current or in touch with its audience; luckily for the guilty parties, this so far seems to have gone unnoticed.