Feeding the new

In the past few weeks I have seen rising amounts of conversations surrounding designers and inspiration sources, and the lines between each becoming blurrier. It has been suggested that this current situation has been fuelled by the popularity of sites such as Ffffound and Designspiration. Of course, we must in no way advocate theft of ideas or blatant unoriginality, but using surrounding people as inspiration and something to benchmark your work by is by no means a new situation. The exhibition currently on at Tate Britain ‘Picasso & Modern British Art’ shows how one artist helped shape the face of modern art. Room by room we are shown work by Picasso himself alongside work by contemporaries who admired (and quite often literally copied) his work such as Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and David Hockney. Ben Nicholson uses a texture first seen in a Picasso painting within his own, while Hockney recreates Picasso’s work within his own, in a way that can only be interpreted as revered and respectful. We can see how through ideas that have been borrowed and shared, people can work together towards a more significant artistic movement and a new aesthetic such as Cubism, Expressionism or Futurism can be created. Surely creatives working together, sharing ideas and styles is what becomes a movement? We are not lonely islands working to singlehandedly represent our industries – together we are stronger, and can create an aesthetic that will represent us as a generation, and will still stand strong and revered in decades to come. Image Emmwood Daily Mail 6 July 1960 © Associated Newspapers. British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent


  • Rosanna

    Godard once said; ‘It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to’.