Firebrands insight: Ferrari, opportunities in aspiration

The challenge for Ferrari is to maintain a higher average Firebrands score outside of just race days. Conversations about the brand and Firebrands Look and Feel both reveal how leveraging the aspirational qualities of the brand can help Ferrari to stay top of mind with their audience. Many of the tweets mentioning Ferrari have a wishful tone, with people referring to Ferrari as a sign of success, wealth and happiness. This corresponds to many of the images in Look and Feel, which predominantly features Ferraris in classic red, with people posing either inside or beside the cars. Young people are prominent – this is mainly due to the demographic of Instagram users, but also because Ferrari is seen as an aspirational brand.

In contrast, McLaren maintains a steady Firebrands score through a more casual, conversational style on Twitter. Outside of race days, the brand shares original and found content to keep its audience engaged. McLaren ask questions, and use simple tricks to spark conversation.
For example, tweeting photos of the McLaren tick in coffee foam. They also follow back more followers, to establish more open lines of communication.

Key opportunities
Leverage the aspirational qualities of the brand
Nurture relationships with a younger audience
Find ways to continue the conversation outside of races