Foxmarks and Xmarks – extended bookmarking

Foxmarks is a great browser add-on if you use browser bookmarking across multiple machines.

I’ve been using Foxmarks for a while now, it enables me to synchronize my in-browser bookmarks in Firefox and Safari (available for IE if you use a PC) no matter what machine I’m currently using. It doesn’t matter whether I’m using my work MacBook or my home iMac, I remain automatically synchronized. I recommend this highly, read more about Foxmarks here.

Now you know about Foxmarks, why not jump straight to Xmarks, the new Foxmarks. This is an extended version of Foxmarks with two notible new features:

Site Info built into your browser
Once installed, simply click on the Xmarks info icon in your location bar to see detailed information about the site you are on, and discover other great sites just like it.

Smarter Search
Xmarks will highlight the 3 top sites in your Google results based on how many people have bookmarked them. Simply move your mouse over the site info icon to learn more about that site.

I’ve only just installed this myself, so I’d be interested to know how you find these new features, do they really link you to sites that are similar to the sites you know and love? I’ll let you know how I get on.