Future forward?

Picture 5

This is the era of the over share. And it’s getting worse. In a few short years, we’ve gone from anonymously blogging to publicly broadcasting our exact location. As this month’s Wired asserted, “The new generation want to scream from the mountaintops … and to the largest audience”. We are at a point where our every waking thought, movement and emotion is ritually logged and shared with a network who are poised to comment, ‘like’ or re-tweet as they see fit. So, what might the evolution of consumer behavior look like in line with technological advancement?

What happens, for example, when you combine the desire to share, with check-in culture, the hauling phenomenon and the Internet of Things? Suppose we started “checking in” to real-world objects throughout the day, sharing what we’re interacting with, where and why in real-time with our social networks? In the hypothetical app visualized (left) the user can register their new purchase, the item’s website, the location it was bought (Google maps and Google earth), a comment or update, and then share it across a range of networks. Whole outfits, daily routines and meal plans could potentially be logged and shared with the world.

That said, however, if a time comes when we are able to constantly life-stream will it stop us moving forward all together? If we find ourselves checking in to Colgate each morning, maybe it’s time to ask, “Is this real life?”.