Gap in the market


Like the 2012 Olympics logo before it, everyone is up in arms over the new Gap logo. So what does it mean for brands when a universally hated logo becomes a trending topic worldwide on Twitter, grabbing headline news across most of the international broadsheets? Beautiful, functional logos are designed and launched every day but often struggle to even get a shout out in Design Week. So is this a PR nightmare or a wonderful opportunity for Gap? Could they turn all the negative energy into creativity simply by reaching out to an engaged audience? Could they crowdsource a logo for the people, by the people and make everyone feel warm inside? It would certainly be very on-brand for the company who brought us chunky knits and those ever-so charming Christmas commercials.

Here at Moving Brands we firmly believe in creating brands for a moving world – brands that have the flexibility and strength to respond to whatever life throws at it. Are Gap going to thrive in this moving world, or will they remain fixed and static in the old one?

UPDATE: Gap tell their Facebook friends they love their logo but want input. What does this mean? Conspiracy much? Could they have handled this better?

UPDATE 12 OCT: Gap announces they are returning to their old logo, admitting, “We recognize that we missed the opportunity to engage with the online community.  This wasn’t the right project at the right time for crowd sourcing”.