People you can work with

Tomorrow the winners of the Design Week Awards will be announced. We may be biased, but we’ve got a favourite in the Design Team of the Year category – Cambridge Design Partnership. As the nomination attests, this design team is at the top of its game, with award-winning experts from packaging, healthcare, consumer product, energy and even aviation working together. But the cross-disciplinary approach doesn’t stop there for CDP; the business melds mechanical, software and electronic engineering and manufacturing expertise to it’s design capabilities, to offer an award winning end-to-end technology and product development offer.

Why our interest in Cambridge Design Partnership? Well, we’ve worked closely with the leadership team the past few months, repositioning and rebranding the business to ensure continued growth and success as they launch into new markets. As clear advocates of a collaborative approach, it’s no surprise they were such a willing partner to our process, and in the words of their Head of Design Ben Strutt, “the success of the process was due to the collaboration of both professional teams, client and partner – our preferred way of working. There was no ‘them’ and ‘us’. Both sets of expertise and both sets of knowledge were critical to success.”

Ben wrote a brilliant piece (again, we may be biased) on this relationship between client and partner, and why, regardless of how many experts your business may boast, it’s important to look beyond your own lab walls to create a successful, valuable brand.

The clip above, featuring CDP’s Founding Partner Mike Cane, is a wee teaser from an up-coming Moving Brands film that explores similar themes: the importance of designing for people as well designing alongside the right people, and how brand plays a part in business growth and culture.

Good luck to the Cambridge Design Partnership team tomorrow night!

*In the interest of transparency: MB’s Darren Bowles was a jury member in this year’s Design Week Awards, but was not involved in any way in the Design Team of the Year category.