Hands in the air!

Everyone loves a compliment, so today’s blog post gives a shout out to a few blogs who have recently been singing our praises. First up, brand identity designer Andrew Sabatier responded to the Identity Forum‘s call for the World’s Top 10 Identity Firms by suggesting us for our digital non-static work, which was rather nice. Then Bitique showcased our work for E. Tautz – the ready-to-wear label from Savile Row tailor’s Norton & Sons. As did September Industry, who also mentioned our new look homepage and garnered some comments which made everyone here feel equal amounts smug and proud. Thanks guys for the mention – it means a lot to see our work out there and to be talked about so favourably.


  • Thank you for the shout out.
    Keep up the great work and more posts will surely follow 🙂

  • Always a pleasure to feature work from the very best.