High frequency areas

Tueri has been visiting the Moving Brands studio in London this week. We know Tueri from our time spent working on the Swisscom identity, where he was Junior Brand Manager. It’s been lovely having him here – here’s his view of us.

Finally I made it – I’m visiting Moving Brands in London. First impressions – London; London is historic, powerful, alive, exciting, flashy and big. Very big. Walking around in London is Iike being in a hive. So many people, so many colours. I feel a bit like on a school trip. I like the Tate Modern, the Welsh rarebit and the Cafe Kick battle. After sight-seeing I was up to business stuff.
Moving Brands – white walls & white macs. Muted music in the background and masterminds working calmly and focused on the brands for tomorrow. I try to get bits and pieces of the colourful flashes flying around. Even if everybody is very concentrated on his own work, you get very quickly the feeling what team work is all about. Two floors, one goal; perfect design. My final conclusion of this week – LND and MB are high frequency areas. I like.

Many Thanks to MB for taking me on this trip of creativity and your hospitality, esp. Geoff, Paul and Darren.