How far has digital publishing come in a year?

This film of Mag+ a digital magazine concept by Berg and Bonnier, was made over a year ago. It’s an impressive study, with some great thinking about the future of magazines on digital devices, and what’s even more impressive is that it was concepted pre-iPad. (Since making that film Berg designed the iPad version of Popular Science Magazine.)

Now compare the Mag+ to the just released first publication from Push Pop Press Al Gore’s Our Choice. From initial observations, both have simple intuitive interfaces, large “iconic” imagery, and well thought-out layout hierarchy when it comes to featuring content (whether it is text, image, video, or etc). I especially love the horizontal scroll for different stories, and the vertical scroll to read down into a specific story.

Moving from just reading to interactivity is where things get interesting (like the interactive infographics in Our Choice). But because of these interactive features, there has been debate about whether it is even called a “book” or if it is actually an app. Nomenclature aside, how we consume written/visual content is changing dramatically. And inspiring work like this, makes it exciting to see where this digital medium is heading.