HTML 5 video or Flash video

vimeo-html5_smallAs one of the people at Moving Brands who uses an iPad a lot and finds it frustrating that I can’t see the Vimeo movies on our blog, but can see them on the Vimeo site, I decided to take a look at sorting this out.

Vimeo has supported HTML5 video for a while now, and it ended up being a simple embed tag difference when you link to the movies. You can choose the old FlashPlayer version or the new HTML5 player version, each have there own positives and negatives, but generally it makes sense to me to make them HTML5 compatible so that I can view them on my iPad/iPhone.

It does mean older browser users may not be able to see the new HTML5 movies on our blog, however if you do have difficulties viewing the Vimeo movies on our blog you can still go to the Vimeo site where you can see all our movies in both players.

I am going to go through the latest 10 movies on our blog now and updated the tags to support the HTML5 player, so lets see what the reaction is, but I plan to adjust them all if this post is not overwhelmed with comments that say do otherwise.


  • James Bull

    Viva la HTML5!

  • Ben Wolstenholme

    great, the sooner all browsers support html 5 the better