I’ll huff and I’ll puff

To quote Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’ – “You may think you know this story, you don’t. The real one is much more gory”. Such is the re-imaging of the story of the Three Little Pigs in The Guardian’s new, no expense spared ad. While Twitter remains divided in opinion, the MB studio were all in agreement at the ad’s incredible approach to storytelling, both as the medium and the message.

Starting with the latter, Daniel Soltis (Creative Technologist) felt that the message of the video represented a good capture of “the rapid flux of events and opinions, and the permeability between official and unofficial channels — with all of the attendant problems around fact-checking and sensationalism”. Rosanna Tuvhag (Designer), however, was left thinking more about “the anger and frustration of the masses than of the positive ‘power“ of journalism”. Good or bad, using the proven story structure of a classic fairy tale on which to pin some difficult truths was inspired.

In terms of the medium, The Guardian have displayed a firm grasp of what kind of content can get their audience talking. The film, evidently backed by a serious budget, has some serious gravitas. Terry Stephens (Designer) saw the film as print’s battle cry – “It’s easy to think print is being killed off by the developments of tablets and other reading devices, but I think there’ll be a need for it for quite some time”. Indeed, using a film to promote the breadth of content created and curated by The Guardian – as opposed to a print ad – leaves the viewer in no doubt about the future positioning of the brand. Just like the three little pigs, there’s no one way to tell a great story. The Guardian is here to report stories, but how those stories are told and circulated is unlimited.