In the future…


Just returned from The Future Laboratory’s latest Trend Briefing on the New Normal. As we’ve come to expect, the presentation – delivered by Tom Savigar, Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson – was slick, pacey and entertaining as they sped through the current work. The briefing was broken into five key sections: ‘Snapshot Britain’, ‘Generation Jones’, ‘Brandtocracies’, ‘Prohibition Culture’ and ‘Homestead 3.0”. We looked at how Generation Jones (nestled between the baby boomers and the Gen X-ers) struggle to reconcile their overwhelming desire to consume with “doing the right thing” (in terms of saving the pennies, maintaining a low carbon footprint, living a healthy lifestyle). We were taken through the kind of retail experiences which get people out from behind their computers and into bricks and mortar stores. And we were shown visions of a future where sustainability is a necessity and home hammams replace the humble bath. As a branding agency, understanding how social, economic, environmental and political upheaval alters lifestyles and spending habits, helps us to craft identities which feel relevant and appropriate to consumers. And, through building in the knowledge gleaned from briefings such as today’s, we can work with our clients to build brands which not only equip them for the future but help them to become it as well.

We enjoyed
– The fact that you can’t Google a smell
– That BMW is the ‘daddy’
– That larders and pantries are making a come-back