Life’s a Pitch

This latest issue of Design Week considers how to master the inner workings of pitching and be “Pitch Perfect”. The article welcomes input from several industry figures including Moving Brands’ own James Bull. There is some consensus in the piece over the best ways to pitch and then of course differing takes on best practice in; doing your homework, being creative, showing respect and listening. However, ultimately the lesson is that pitching should be subjective and comes down to being intuitive.

On the topic MB’s James suggests that there are three aspects to be considered- people, profit and promotion. The way to approach this is through building relationships- “Break down the barriers between client and consultancy and make it more of a workshop environment”, again reinforcing the Moving Brands ethos that great work is achieved through collaboration. This approach helps both agency and most importantly clients value their individual contributions and feel invested in. The article is available to read in full here.


  • Hey Emily, Sounds like a very interesting article… Any way I could read it without subscribing to Design Week? Thanks D