Logo Love


There has been loads of debate around the Creative Review ‘top 20 logo’ selection, as I’m sure the magazine intended.

We asked a couple of people around the studio on their thoughts of the CR line-up, and their own personal favorites.

MB’s Darren:
“I’m a little confused by some of the entries but the Woolmark has always been my favorite mark and in my humble opinion, one of the finest pieces of design in general. WWF and Penguin are beautiful in their uniqueness, longevity and character, they will always raise a smile. Great designs capture the imagination and these three are fine examples, each with a timeless simplicity. The logo geek in me loves the negative space ‘smile in the mind’ of the FedEx arrow, so simple and such a gift, but beautifully spotted by the designer.

My notable absentees are Knoll by NB Studio, Families by Herb Lubalin, Guild of Food Writers by 300million and the original UPS by Paul Rand.

For those who also love logos, check out logo design love.

Johannes put forward an interesting theory behind the Deutsche bank mark:
“Apparently Stankowski used that design originally as an icon for ‘departure flights’ within an airport pitch. He didn’t win but recycled it for DB et voilĂ  now it ranks 2nd. It embodies the ideas of the Bauhaus and HfG Ulm (Dieter Rams, Otl Aicher) with its strict, reduced appearance. I still like it, but the way its applied nowadays in various media is absolutely monotonous, static and tiring.”

And finally Jim had this refreshing note to add:
“Is this like the top 20 most boring logos ever? Sorry I’m confused…”


  • Couldn’t agree more with the Guild of Food Writers shout.

    Thanks for the site plug, Georgina. Much obliged.