Logo solo

A few people have asked me about Starbucks dropping their name (or wordmark) from their identity.

I think the most important aspect to note is that this decision demonstrates how useful it is to build equity in a symbol rather than a name alone. It takes a lot of time, money and exposure to be able to drop a name, but a symbol can travel much further – geographically, cross-language, cross-portfolio and cross platform. Globally, a symbol can live more successfully than a name or a way of writing a name.

The symbol, from a visual point of view, is much more ‘fit for a moving world’. I suppose, for Starbucks, the Siren is their lead mnemonic. Furthermore, there’s conversation about going ‘beyond logo or symbol’ and owning another type of mnemonic; a sound or a movement or a gesture, for example, the apple pinch and swipe or the Flipboard Flip. If your brand can be recognised by something as simple and instincitve as a movement, then you’re a gateway rather than a stamp… and can go anywhere.