Looking to the future with WeTransfer

The launch of the new WeTransfer logo at the end of November roused a typically sparky debate at Moving Brands.

For many, the realisation that the company had a logo was news in itself.

“I’m pretty visually aware – and can honestly say that I have never noticed their logo before… bonkers!”

Jim Bull, Moving Brands.

WeTransfer UI design

As WeTransfer has such a distinctive UI, we had unconsciously come to know it by the layout of its transfer portal rather than the brand’s logo. We began to wonder, in an increasingly mobile-first world, does UI/UX offer more opportunities for differentiation than a brand’s logo? This question seemed to polarise opinion, both internally and externally:

“WeTransfer is a great example of how a UX/UI can become a distinctive symbol of a brand.”

Jed Carter, Senior Designer, Moving Brands.

“Logo and UX indicate difference but don’t create it.”


“Brand is decided by UX definitely.”


Last week, we sat down with Thomas Schrijer and Laszlito Kovacs of WeTransfer to get their perspective on the balance between logo and UI – and understand the significance of the new logo to the business.

“The rebranding process is our way of preparing the house for the future.”

Laszlito Kovacs, WeTransfer.

WeTransfer had reached a position where, for the creative community, its brand had become synonymous with file transfer. This has been achieved through dedicating the home screen to showcase creative talent and using its blog as a place to celebrate these designers. The WeTransfer tool is created by designers, for designers.

It is a good example of a business that has built a following through a rigorous approach to its product’s iconic UI. However, after finding itself in a position where it felt it had more to offer its loyal following of creative professionals, the business wanted to emancipate the brand from the transfer product.

“By dropping the ‘transfer’ we hope to make our brand as tangible as our service.”

Laszlito Kovacs, WeTransfer

Enter, We.

WeTransfer's new brand identity

The new logo design marks an evolution point for the brand. While the transfer product is now the go-to for most creatives, the business has set its sights on a broader goal.

WeTransfer Experience Design

“You’ve probably only experienced our brand through your browser, that’s going to change.”

Thomas Schrijer, WeTransfer

WeTransfer has built strong product equity over the years. Its new logo begins to build brand equity to propel the business forward.

Returning to our original question, WeTransfer is a good example of a business that has built a following through a rigorous approach to its product’s iconic UI. What the new logo achieves is a heightened brand trajectory.


Special thanks to Thomas Schrijer, and Laszlito Kovacs of WeTransfer for contributing their time in the research of this piece, and to @DuffBrands and @makethisnoise for joining the discussion on twitter.