Masters of the Twitterverse

This morning, and after 10 months and 380 tweets, we reached 2,000 followers on Twitter. Having been somewhat sceptical when we first signed up, the community which has grown up around MB has been supportive, insightful, inspirational and often hilarious. Designer and vinyl lover @savevinyluk was the lucky no. 2000 to receive a selection of MB merch. And new-found Twitter buddy @PlanBstudio has suggested a bit of design swapsies with his “Democracy 2.0” poster series – a pertinent collection of twenty sociopolitical, satirical screenprints; paying tribute to, asking questions of, or challenging the big topics; democracy, the banking system, the bankers, Twitter, Mobile phones and (of course) Michael Jackson.


  • Congratulations guys…

  • that mr price gets everywhere!

    congrats on the followers. more of the giveaways please.

  • Mr Reding, that is a viscious rumour that is only partly right. Anyways, I’ve got protection and cream so… Oh, you meant online. Right. Gotcha.