MB talks ‘check-in’ with LSN Global

Regular visitors to the MB blog may recall Camilla’s post last week ‘Checking in with Sherlock,’ about the rise in entertainment check-in services.

The team at LS:N Global – the online news and consumer insight network – have also picked up on this new consumer behaviour, with Max Reyner’s post today about how networks like HBO are using Philo, Miso and GetGlue to encourage people to check-in to their shows.

Camilla, our resident trend and digital strategist, was asked to share her views with LSN Global about how brands can begin to use this information. “A Twitter conversation just happens, you can’t really build a community around it,” she says. “But by checking in, you become part of a group and start to create data. Brands can then start to see clusters forming and specific check-in times. They could use this to make personalised recommendations for people”

If you subscribe to lsn.global, you lucky thing, log-in and check out the full article here.


  • LSs are great for creating an experience. The problem is there are a ton of them and it becomes hard for a brand to monitor them all. The one advantage Twitter has are hashtags. It’s easy for a brand to monitor #TrueBlood or #Gillette. There is definitely a challenge to engage your consumers in a community online. Are location services the best way to do that for brands?