MB’s Ben talks about the All About Tea strategy

You may have seen our project All About Tea floating around the design blogs – the lovely David at September Industry published some shots from our recent photo-shoot (thanks go to our incredible photographer Adam Laycock) and since then it’s been seen on Kalle Graphics, Ian Claridge, Electric Gecko, Designspiration, The Antidote and Fonts in use.

Last week, MB CEO Ben spoke to the team at LS:N Global to give them a little more insight into the design process of All About Tea, and the project has since been featured in their Innovate section, which shows “in-depth and visually driven case studies of the brands, products and services making waves around the world.”

Ben talks about the strategy at the core of the identity, saying “It is vital to know not just who is drinking tea today, but where tea is going, and who our customers will be in the next 5-10 years.”

Unfortunately the Innovate section of the site is subscription-only, but you can download the All About Tea article here.