No boundaries

Final post from the lovely Tara – MB Intern.

Today is my last day at Moving Brands. After a week of seeing the ins and outs of a creative agency whose ideas begin at the stage where others would execute theirs, I have definitely got a better idea of what area of work I would now like to get into.Not only is digital, moving and integrated advertising/branding the future, it is also fun and exciting with the possibility to explore ideas that have no boundaries. Seeing the work that evolves from Moving Brands has helped me to recognise how my creativity can now grow. This is an exciting prospect, which without the constraints of university can only help me boost my portfolio, developing campaigns relevant today and in the future.

I would like to thank everyone here for treating me as one of the team and making my stay really comfortable. A week has flown over in such a fun and hard working agency but I may be back with the odd blog entry or ice cream based job bribe any time soon.

Image via Them Thangs.