Of journos and bad spelling

It was fleeting, but as of 2pm today “Lance Amstrong” was trending worldwide. This unfortunately was not shocking.
A sad and deeply troubling story, it will have lasting repercussions for cycling and professional sports as a whole.

But hang on, take a another look at that. Is there not something a little.. off?

Spelling often gets left by the wayside in lightning speed posting but once a hashtag is trending, tweeters wanting to be part of the conversation will latch on regardless. There aren’t many willing to be left out in the cold for the sake of a rogue letter.

We’re still unsure of the origins but it seems even sources of global news aren’t immune to the copy and paste hashtag.


Brand Republic

One thing is for certain, the world moves too fast for corrections; make sure content is accurate the first time round or risk a blemish that won’t disappear.

It’s a new take on an old saying, but the logic is tried and true: Think before you speak, Google before you tweet.

Image by Joe Newton

UPDATE: We have since noticed that this is spreading… Are we the only ones in the dark?