Past vs present

79a5b9d6-c08f-4801-88e1-19f45e5e648c_thumb-480x559In the old days most documentation of our communication with others was limited to letters and the private reflections of those to the diary. Nowadays, we are reminded daily about past feelings and exchanged thoughts on social media platforms such as Facebook and in our iphone inbox. The language we use is immediate, relaxed and often less considered to past forms of communications. The conversations are then organized and displayed as one stream of messages and allows us to trace our history with a contact. It has made me wonder: how does those constant reminders of the past effect our present memories and relationships?

By being able to trace back our old conversations we are not only reminded about our own expressed thoughts, but also the history of our relationships with others. We get reminded about what has been forgiven, and probably also many memories we have tried to forget. By rereading and revisiting our past, we get the opportunity to question it and its outcome. This may sometimes reduce past experiences to what has been recorded, and thereby shade thoughts which remained unspoken.

Can you recall the days when your inbox was limited, and you carefully had to pick out which messages to keep? When the present was forgiving and let you choose what to remember? Thinking back of it, it gives me a sense of calm: it allowed me to trust my past judgments and focus on how I felt and thought that day.

Sometimes revising our past is crucial to give perspective on where we are today, but it is also important that we can separate the two so we don’t loose ourselves in old feelings but focus on what is now.