Pray silence for the Super Bowl adverts!

This past weekend us digital geeks watched another event – the US Super Bowl – unfold on the internet, revealing further insight into how people consume media and the current lay of the land for modern advertising. Sev, who is currently here on internship from Atlanta, has noticed a change in focus from the game to the ads. He has witnessed a fundamental shift in the way people watch the Super Bowl. Instead of the attention of the room given silently during the programme, with chat taking place during the commercial break, Sev thinks the opposite is now the case, with Super Bowl advertising being the key parts “not to miss”.

This trend is reinforced by the cross-over television and its advertising is fast making into the digital world. This year’s Super Bowl ads were uploaded to YouTube as they aired – allowing everyone to instantly re-watch, share and discuss the most talked about (and expensive) commercials of the year. Case in point was Google’s first televised commercial. Google’s spot, which has already been online since November, added another one million views to its existing 500k over Super Bowl weekend. A recent report on the Nielsen website, revealed that being online is increasingly as much a part of the event experience, as watching it on television. Connecting with other viewers and sharing opinion accounted for 32% of simultaneous users. With the rise in personal devices which stream videos, the elite fraternity of companies shelling out $3 million per 30 second spot are guaranteed more bang for their buck. Their only challenge now is to be the one commercial EVERYONE is still talking about come Monday.

UPDATE: The 2010 Super Bowl was the most watched television programme ever, drawing an average audience of 106.5 million viewers and taking over the spot held for 27 years by the final episode of M*A*S*H.