Project Canvas

An interesting new platform has been showcased at last week’s BVE trade exhibition which represents the closing gap between entertainment and social networking. Project Canvas, is “a proposed partnership between the BBC, ITV, C4, Five, BT and Talk Talk to build an open internet-connected TV platform”. As well as creating a technical standard for internet connected TV devices, the proposal also includes a split-screen experience with networked conversations on sites such as Twitter appearing next to TV pictures.

With many people already known to watch TV whilst also browsing the internet, Project Canvas marks an inevitable shift for the media industry. Previous blog posts on here about the reach of shows such as Glee and the Superbowl have already highlighted the role online interaction is having in boosting viewing figures, increasing brand awareness and, ultimately, acting as a drive to consumption. Added to the expected lift on the ban for product placement on UK TV, and we are likely to see a dramatic shift in how people watch and consumer media in their homes.

(Apologies for low quality movie – currently only example of the demo available)